Mission Statement

“Our learning community will provide a safe and caring environment for all students. Students will develop literacy and problem solving skills and an ability to access, use and communicate information. They will become compassionate individuals who accept their social responsibilities. To ensure these goals are achieved, a structured success plan will be implemented, monitored and adapted.”



Kinistino School staff has strong values that we will commit ourselves to in order to achieve our mission.

1. We will provide a safe and orderly learning environment.

2. We will teach children at their own level, with specific expectations so that all students can be successful.

3. We will provide a positive and supportive work/learning environment for everyone.

4. We will ensure repect for staff and students.

5. We will have clear, concise and high expectations of our students.



In order to achieve our mission, Kinistino School commits to the following: Kinistino School’s mission is to provide learning opportunities for every student. We believe our first responsibility is to create an environment that fosters learning. In carrying out our day-to-day activities we strive to:

1. Model and advocate responsible behaviors

2. Adapt for individual needs and abilities

3. Assess, evaluate, celebrate student learning and achievement through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will be known as a school that nurtures the potential of each child. Our students, parents and community will see Kinistino School as offering a balanced and diversified educational experience with tools and skills for lifelong learning.